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a couple of fic quotes

"You okay to drive?" It was like an invitation JC thought before wondering if maybe Lance really wanted to take him home, if maybe he wasn't starting to want this, too. Maybe that's why he decided to leave at the same time. Maybe if he said no and got into Lance's car he could put his hand on Lance's leg and Lance would know that JC loved him.


"Missed you," JC told him, resisting the urge to add a qualifier to it, 'terribly' or 'like part of me was gone' or 'so much that I almost called you every night.'
-Ready, by willagurl

"It's not fair." The bartender looked up expectantly. "He's playing with my emotions. Like they were...the things…you play with…" Lance peered down at his glass, wondering when his arms had gotten so long.

"Toys," the bartender supplied.

"Yes. Those." By this time Lance had forgotten about the glass altogether, working himself up into a little flurry of indignation. He only remembered its presence as he was gesturing widely in emphasis, and poured gin over his shoes.
-Shimmy by Lunec
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