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Sparkly Quotes In A Sparkly World

Quotes that Sparkle
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This community will feature quotes that fall into the wide range of sparkly fandom. They can be humourous or serious. It is an open community for everyone to post quotes in. The list of possible quotables includes currently:
  • quotes from popstars themselves (from interviews and such)
  • quotes from popstar songs
  • quotes from lj entries* that have to do with popstars, their activities, or sparkly fandom
  • quotes from sparkly author interviews**
  • possibly quotes from sparkly stories***

*same policy as metaquotes--only public entries unless permission requested and received
**such as from callmesandy & circusgirl's We Get Ideas!
***I'm not sure if any authors would have objections to their stories being quoted (although I really have no idea why they would)