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BSB's meaning for Incomplete

INTERVIEWER: Let's talk about Incomplete because it could be interpreted in a thousand different ways, I guess, but I think it fits in nicely with your story in the sense that do you agree that if it's not the five of you, you do feel as though something's missing. Are you sort of each other's missing link?
HOWIE: We are. And our fans, our fans are our missing link. In the time that we had off-- (Nick puts his arm around Howie's neck and leans in) I know, I love you too Nick. (Howie puts his arm around Nick's neck too. Nick puckers up to kiss Howie's cheek theatrically. Howie pulls away, grinning)
HOWIE (slightly embarassed, but still grinning): Anyway.
AJ: Aw, I just had a sandwich...
INTERVIEWER (laughing): AJ's going to throw up.

BRIAN: Being a popstar, or a rock and roll star, is one thing that's a part of my life, but I would be my little boy's hero anyday over that.
-Musique special 2005
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